Using This Site

Using This Site

Thank you for accessing the Phos-tag site. The Phos-tag website (hereinafter referred to as "this website") is managed and operated jointly byProf. Tohru Koike of Hiroshima UniversityNARD Institute, Ltd,andMANAC Incorporated(hereinafter referred to as the "Phos-tag Consortium"). We intend to add to the contents of this website and improve the ease of use to make it ever more useful for each and every customer who accesses it. We shall provide improved customer services through communication with our customers via this website. In using this website, please read the following.

Terms of use of this website

Displaying with and browsing by a browser installed on a customer's computer and saving in a computer and print-out of the contents for non-profit, personal use are permitted. Even in such cases, all or part of a downloaded file or image, etc. is prohibited from being placed in one's own or a third party's website, etc., attached to and sent by electronic mail, processed or modified, synthesized with another file, image, etc.

Information disclosed in this website

Though the contents of the information disclosed in this website are checked in advance, the accuracy of the information, up-to-dateness of the information, and usefulness of the information to a customer are by no means assured to a customer. Note that the information disclosed in this website are subject to addition, change, correction, deletion, etc. without notification to customers by the decision of the Phos-tag Consortium.

Copyrights and trademarks


All contents included in this website are the property of the Phos-tag Consortium and the providers of the corresponding contents and are protected by the copyright laws, related treaties, and other laws of various nations. The use of this website shall be limited to non-profit, personal use, and other uses allowed by law. Downloading, copying, and other forms of use beyond this scope are prohibited.

Trademarks, etc.

The rights concerning the trademarks, logos, service marks, company names, designs, etc. displayed in this website are protected by law. Unauthorized use and other acts of infringement are prohibited.

Linking to this website

Please notify this company when linking to this website. In this case, please inform us of your name, contact information (address, telephone number, and e-mail address), and the URL of the website in which a link is to be made. Please note that linking may be denied depending on the contents of your website or the method of linking.
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Problems accompanying access

The Phos-tag Consortium shall not be liable for any software or hardware problems occurring in a customer's personal computer, peripheral equipment, or network environment as a result of access and use of this website nor for any direct or indirect damages resulting from such problems.

Handling of personal information

The Phos-tag Consortium respects customer's personal information (name, address, telephone number, and other information enabling the identification of the customer) and recognizes the need for appropriate protection and control as well as the importance of personal information. Personal information received from a customer shall be controlled with the greatest possible care and shall not be disclosed to a third party, etc. unless required by law, etc.

Inquiries concerning this website

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